Aims of the project

DynaMAT is a Comenius project, focused on a dynamical approach to various mathematical topics, suitable for secondary schools and prospective mathematics teachers education. The use of ICT and dynamical software is essential.

Our aims are to produce concrete materials and units that would be introduced through workshops and courses to mathematics teachers. The materials suppose to show how the use of ICT can develop further the visualization processes of students. We also want to support the good math teaching that can help pupils to develop their math intuition and creativity. The natural steps to develop math intuition is to start with visualisation of the process, then to create model and after this to turn to study of the associated math problems.

The idea to see that many fields in the world around us rely on an understanding of mathematics and sciences was developed in the project "Math2Earth" ( We would like to extend this idea and continue develop materials that will use the advantage of the modern technology into mathematics education.




Partner Department of Mathematics, University of Pisa, Italy Partner University of Vienna, Austria Partner VIA University College – Bachelor Programme in Teacher Education, Denmark Partner Institute of Mathermatics and Informatics, Bulgaria Partner Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovakia Partner University of Reykjavik, Iceland
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